3 Ways To Grow Your Business Right Now!

3 Things To Help Your Business Grow

    Take my advice with a grain of salt, I am not always the brightest tool in the shed. LOL

Here are 3 things that can be done right now with a minimum of costs, but will substantially increase your revenue and, in turn, your bottom line.

#1 Improve your Business Frontage.  Fresh Paint, scrub the sidewalk, clean the windows, daily trash policing in the parking lot and sidewalk,  etc. Give your business a facelift with regular outside cleaning and continually try and improve it.

Your business front is the first thing your customer sees when they visit. It is the very first impression they get, so it is very important that it is clean.

A lot of business owners and staff pull in the lot and then, park and enter the business at the back, so it is important to go outside to the front and walk your area.  It is on the owners and managers to lead by example and always pick up trash and clean when needed

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#2 Train Your Staff…..and make them accountable. If you are saying, “ I don’t know why they won’t do “such and such” job? I am tired of yelling at them.” then  you need to do the following:
A. type up a memo outlining exactly what you want them to do and any possible actions you would need to take if they do not follow these procedures

B. Have a staff meeting where you explain, demonstrate and then have them participate doing it (if applicable). Open the discussion to see if the staff have better ideas or solutions

C. Also discuss the actions you would have to take if they do not do the job as described

D. Make sure you follow through with your policies.  I know it is hard to suspend or fire someone who might be your friend, or has children and depends on you for a job. However, it isn’t fair to your other staff and it isn’t fair to you and more importantly, it isn’t fair to your customers who aren’t receiving the best possible service/product as you have determined

A well trained staff, who follow your policies, will increase your traffic counts, will increase your Dollars Per Transaction through upselling and the list goes on and on to the benefits of a well trained and supervised staff

You MUST Advertise.

I am always shocked how many local people don’t know we exist or don’t know what we have in our businesses to offer them.  I could tell you stories that would seem unbelievable, but it’s true.

The problem for most small business is, it’s expensive to advertise  on Radio or TV to try and reach an audience that wants to skip the commercials, or aren’t listening etc.
Also, you are limiting yourself to just those people who watch or listen to that station.

Yes, TV and Radio has a place in today’s marketing mix, but it needs to be a small percentage, cost wise, of how you are trying to reach new customers….and remind your old ones that you are still around.  
I will write a whole new article on that someday.

Web/Social Media marketing has a place in your marketing mix as well, but again, considering the cost of reaching people and how hard it is to get someone to click on your ad, it can be very expensive considering the reach you actually get

Lets consider the cost of Web Marketing vs Advertising in the Uranus Examiner

COST Comparison of Web vs Social Media

WEB= $10-$15 per CPM (per thousand views), so 37,500 views

Total cost $375-$562 to reach 37,500 people on Social Media

A business card sized ad in the Uranus Examiner= $65

We will be printing 15,000-17,500 a week for the next few months (then we will expand our coverage in the spring to even more)

The research says that for every paper going out, it is seen by 2.5 people

That means for 15,000 newspapers, 37,500 people will see it .
(Circulation vs Readership)

Business card CPM= $2    (vs $10-$15 on Web)
Double BCard CPM= $2.80
1/8 Page CPM $4
1/4 Page CPM $6.93
1/2 Page CPM $12.66
(we aren’t even adding in online views, so it’s even better)

And, unlike other forms of media advertising, people will keep coming back to see your ad in the newspaper

Edition #2 Uranus Examiner Mailing Area (in Mailboxes on Nov. 16th)

16,000+ will be printed based on our subscription #’s on Nov. 12th (it could be even higher)

65473  Fort Leonard Wood= Saturation=3,330
65583 Waynesville Saturation=5,933
65584= Saturation= 5,287
Plus Hundreds of subscription requests from 65556,   65452 65459,  65457, 65461,    65534, 65536, 65401, 65402, 65550, 65567, 65557, 65552

My Final Thoughts

This isn’t Rocket Surgery or Brain Science.  This is one of the reasons that I got to where I am at today.  I always promote and market my businesses, especially when times were hard.

I always hear about how the best advertising is “Word of Mouth”.  While that is true, you still need to get those “Mouths” in the door. Otherwise, you don’t have any promotions happening and that will cause a fast demise.

To Advertise in The Uranus Examiner, contact us at Ads@UranusExaminer.com or Call 573-337-2646


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