First Edition

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I want to apologize, we tried several different ways to get this newspaper to be easy to read online and this is our best solution to get it up in a timely manner.

I have a better solution, but it will take me time to build it.  Hopefully by the next edition it will be done.   By the way, Yes, I tried scribd and it was worse than this way
Thanks for understanding that we are a new business and have some kinks to to work out,
Cub Reporter, Mayor Louie Keen
P.S. if you live locally, you can get on our Postal Mailing List and get the actual newspaper for FREE, delivered right to your door every week.

46,728 addresses are getting this today today, October 26th, 2018, The next edition is about 15,000, then we will rotate around towns in the area at about that same number, but only for a few weeks.   Then, we will only mail  to people on our mailing list…….and don’t forget about the $100,000 from Uranus Contest only open to people on the mailing list


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There are 2 parts, so don’t miss Part #2

Part 1 Inaugural Edition
Part 1 Uranus Examiner 1st edition

Inaugural Edition Part 2